“4 Friends” Series

TITLE “4 Friends” Series (The Adventure of 4 Friends, 4 Friends with 100 Trees, 4 Friends at the Amusement Park)
AUTHOR Kritsana Karnjanapha
PUBLICATION 1st Print in SEP 2007

5th Print in MAR 2018

GENRE Picture Book
RIGHTS Sold to Taiwan



The “4 Friends” series allows children to use their skills in noticing things. This task will allow them to develop their concentration. This set of three books is an essential tool for parents to make their children focus more on a book without forcing them to stay still.

The Adventure of 4 Friends talks about the time when the four are on journey to the grandpa’s house after receiving a map. All of them have to face many obstacles before they could finish their journey. However, they all learn how to help one another and others along the way.

4 Friends with 100 Trees talks about the time when the four are on the journey where there is no tree to be found. Fortunately, the four find a village where all the people are trying to plant 100 trees. So, all the four friends help them. They learn the value of the promises and goals in life.

4 Friends at the Amusement Park talks about the time when the four are at the amusement park. While all the friends are enjoy playing and having fun at the amusement park, they also help police capture bad people. They learn how to help people even though they have to sacrifice their happy moments.

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