Crypto Currency 101

TITLE Crypto Currency 101
AUTHOR Pornsuk Urajchatchairat
PUBLICATION 1st Print in October 2018

What is crypto currency?  Will it replace cash in the future?  Is it safe if we use crypto currency to purchase things?  And how can we start using crypto currency?  This book contains answers to all of these questions.  The author spent many years researching this topic, so the book provides detailed explanations and most up-to-date information that are insightful and easy-to-read.

13-19 ก.ย. นี้ ลดทั้งเว็บ 15% ซื้อ 1200 บาท ขึ้นไปลด 20%ซื้อครบ 600 บาทหลังหักส่วนลด ส่งฟรี!
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