Let’s Learn Series

TITLE Let’s Learn Series (Color, Number, Alphabet)
AUTHORS Tanyaporn Pattha,

Natharida Kittikundaecha

PUBLICATION 1st Print in OCT 2017
GENRE Picture/ Board Book
RIGHTS Available



This set of picture/ board books creates the way to teach and develop art skills through the funny journey so that children can play and learn by themselves easily. The first book focuses on color with having a train as the main theme. For numbers, there are several animals and fruits as a tool; in counting for kids. Lastly, children will learn new vocabularies along with the English alphabets.

This set of books sure is a perfect tool for parents to teach their children with basic skills like color, counting and English alphabets. Children will not feel the pressure of learning. They will be having fun learning these skills unconsciously.

13-19 ก.ย. นี้ ลดทั้งเว็บ 15% ซื้อ 1200 บาท ขึ้นไปลด 20%ซื้อครบ 600 บาทหลังหักส่วนลด ส่งฟรี!
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