Perfect Shape By Yoga in 30 Days


This is indeed such a popular book for those who want to achieve a perfect body by using yoga. This is a true timeless health book with 52 re-prints and more than 150,000 copies sold in Thailand. The author selected basic but effective yoga poses for the readers so that they can do at home. Every poses were described in details so the readers do not have to worry when they pose. Moreover, the author also created a 30-day program that will rearrange the body portion to be balanced from head to toe.


Introduction to Yoga 30-Day Program
ทุกเล่มลด 15% ทันที ซื้อ 4เล่มขึ้นไป ลด 20% วันนี้ถึง 25 พ.ค. 2564 (ส่วนลดคำนวณที่ตะกร้า)ซื้อครบ 600 บาทหลังหักส่วนลด ส่งฟรี!
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