The Unorthodox Lion

TITLE The Unorthodox Lion
AUTHOR Jidanun Leungpiansamut
PUBLICATION 1st Print in MAY 2017

5th Print in July 2018

GENRE Juvenile Fiction
RIGHTS Available



The book contains 9 short stories from award-winning writer.  This book uses allegory method or metaphor that focuses on using domestic folktale that readers are familiar with and also create new characters or atmosphere to act as a vehicle to represent real-world issues in easily-understood language.

  1. Blame It All on Me

The story is about a village that was going through the harshest winter in history. The town leader had to use the most valuable books in town to fuel fire. Therefore, he was the one who has to take full responsibility of his action.

  1. The World Where Everyone Wants to Be a Good Person

When a society uses a single piece of card to decide whether a person is good or not. They must hold white cards to prove that they are good and when they hold black cards, they are bad and will be killed. Is it really a good method to control the society?

  1. Humanity Transfer

What will happen if human falls in love with a satellite? A man had so much special feelings with the satellite that he created and controlled. He decided to freeze his body and transferred his brain and feelings to a computer to be with her forever.

  1. Midnight Train

The story about the train that comes every night at midnight but no one has ever opened its door. One day a man’s friend told him that he knew how to open the door and asked the man to join him in a never-ending journey.

  1. Adam and Lilith

A man who was raised by his mother only has received a notebook from his dad as an inheritance. He barely sees or knows his father, but he knows him better after reading his story in the notebook. He got inspired to live his love life like his father.

  1. Cinderella of a Robot City

When the world is controlled by robots and wicked leaders and people have to live with little amount of freedom. Oil is treasure, so this family decided to steal some oil for their living. What will happen when the leaders found out about their plan?

  1. Painted Rose

No one in town should wonder about God or his messenger. All they have to do is pray and believe in him. When you have doubt about God, you are an unorthodox and your status in the society will change.

  1. People in the shelter

For 20 years, 8 people have lived together in the same shelter to save themselves from the war. They have been happy in there until they started to realize that whether the war is still going on outside or not.

  1. The Unorthodox Lion

The story is about a horrifying genocide of people who have white eyes by people who have black eyes. This discrimination caused trouble to both parties, but more severely affected people with white eyes.

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