Waterlilies & Lotuses

TITLE Waterlilies & Lotuses
AUTHORS Veerapravati Trisuwan

Pavapol Supanantananon

PUBLICATION 1st print in January 2018



The most complete waterlilies and lotuses encyclopedia in Thai language.  It covers the origin, care, and reproduction of the plants, as well as details of different breeds.  Suitable for those who are interested in growing and collecting unique breeds as a hobby, this book could turn an amateur breeder into a pro. Pictures of more than 400 breeds of waterlilies and lotuses in Thailand included.

13-19 ก.ย. นี้ ลดทั้งเว็บ 15% ซื้อ 1200 บาท ขึ้นไปลด 20%ซื้อครบ 600 บาทหลังหักส่วนลด ส่งฟรี!
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